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Landscape Body Machine is Craig Joseph Huxtable

Featuring 10 studio tracks and 3 live tracks written and recorded between 2002-2009.

“it definitely shows why Huxtable was tapped in the past to work with artists of such high repute.” -Side Line Magazine

released November 11, 2009

Written, recorded, performed and produced by Craig Joseph Huxtable
Mastering: Karl Mohr
Artwork: Simon Paul
2009 Interdimensional Industries

Revolution by Landscape Body Machine features 4 studio tracks and 10 remixes by Canadian electronic artists from the Pacific Northwest including Urceus Exit, Moev and Kaine D3L4Y (Left Spine Down).
The EP features Last of the Species, a collaboration between LBM and Dr. David Suzuki and Lunar Informant, a collaboration between Keith Gillard and LBM which was originally written for the video game “Gunmetal” by Mad Genius Software in 1998.

Released June 6, 2002

Written, recorded, performed: Craig Joseph Huxtable
Mastering and Production: Keith Gillard and Craig Joseph Huxtable
Label: Interdimensional Industries

Structure, the debut album by Landscape Body Machine featuring 11 studio tracks and a bonus hidden live track. All tracks written and recorded between 1992-1996.

Released September 1, 1996 on Liquid records

Written, recorded and performed by Craig Joseph Huxtable
Produced by Keith Gillard and Craig Joseph Huxtable

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