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Landscape Body Machine

Landscape Body Machine is a Vancouver electronic band with a hybrid sound of equal parts ambient, dance, industrial & techno. Politically and socially minded work, LBM is noted for their energetic and passionate live performances, which are an exception rather than the norm for most electronic-based artists. Where most of the action usually takes place hidden away from sight in front of banks of computers and synthesizers, Huxtable steps out and presents both the man and the machine behind the music.

After bursting on to the scene in 1996 with the hit single “NO Cable”, founder and sole member Craig Joseph Huxtable quickly garnered an industry reputation as an amazing live and session keyboard/synthesizer player while producing a wide array of electronic music. Landscape Body Machine’s live shows become legendary over time and Huxtable went on to perform sharing stages with such acts as Frontline Assembly, KMFDM, Moev, Covenant, Snog, And One and more while collaborating with a wide array of artists and personalities like DR. David Suzuki and Noam Chomsky. He has recorded and toured as a member of Frontline Assembly, Noise Unit, OHM and Stiff Valentine as well as a lengthy history of remixes, film, TV and video game soundtracks.

Most recently, Huxtable contributed as a performer and writer on Frontline Assembly’s album “Improvised Electronic Device” and their new single “Shifting Through the Lens” and is the driving force behind OHMelectronic with producer Chris Peterson.

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